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Your business, managed from a single place.

Discover all the features that the Quipu platform offers you and improve the management of your business.

What functions does Quipu offer me?

main functions Quipu

Situation status

Know and control the income and expenses of your business in real time and make it grow.

Financial Summary

Know the real state of your company's accounts every day to make better decisions and grow your business.

Income and expenses management

Easily visualize income and expenses and typify them to keep track of them.


Billing tools

Create invoices in minutes, use the automatic expense reader and typify your expenses.

Invoice generator

Automatically create invoices using the tends of the teva contacts calendar.

Automatic reading of income and expenses

Upload to Quipu your tickets and invoices in PDF or making a photo with your mobile instantly and forget to keep papers in a folder.

Project management

Create folders and keep the documents of each project in order: income, expenses, invoices, tickets, budgets, suppliers ... etc.

banking actions

Banking actions

Connect your bank with your Quipu account and control all bank movements.

Bank synchronization

Synchronize your bank with your Quipu account, typify income and expenses and discover the status of your accounts.

Creation of remittances and automatic conciliation

Create collection and payment remittances and save time by reconciling them automatically.

business management

Business management

Manage contacts and organize your business documents easily.

Customers and suppliers agenda

Registers the data of your customers and suppliers to automate recurring management such as creating invoices and remittances and saves time.

Document management

Upload to Quipu your tickets and invoices in PDF or making a photo with your mobile instantly and forget to keep papers in a folder.

talk with your bookkeepper

Communication with your bookkeepper

Add the management service to your software plan and enjoy all the advantages of having an expert advisor dedicated to you and your business.

Presentation of taxes

Let your bookkeepper take care of the legal compliance of your completed company and presenting the taxes for you.

Personalized advice

Receive countable-fiscal advice from your advisor to grow your business.

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What they say about us

At Quipu we work hard every day to improve our product and so our customers have a good experience and enjoy the best service. We believe that when the work is done with love and dedication, you notice that. This is what some of our clients say about us.

I want more information

Contact our commercial department. They will inform you about the details of Quipu and our management service and will create a customized plan for your business.

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