Cash management and forecasting

Control your business cash flow automatically

Visualise your cash flow in real time

Simulate the impact of your decisions on your company's future

Forget Excel and don't wait for the accounting reports

More than 10 years accompanying the growth of our customers

What if you could anticipate financial problems?

What if you could anticipate financial problems?

Up-to-date monitoring of your liquidity

Reliable 3, 6, and 12-month projections

Make the right decisions for your business

Proactive vs Reactive
How do you manage your treasury?

Control all your cash inflows and outflows with up-to-the-minute data on what is happening and will happen in your business

Dynamic cash flow forecasting
Automated cash tracking allows you to have reliable forecasts and identify any risk of cash shortages

Make sure you will be able to pay your workers and suppliers
Make 3-, 6- and 12-month estimates to see your future payment obligations and ensure the stability of your business.

Make the right decisions to grow smart

Simulate different scenarios and measure the exact impact of your actions on your company's future cash flow

Scale your business without compromising the future
Before hiring a new employee or investing in an advertising campaign, understand how these expenses will affect your cash flow

Compares reality against forecasts
Consolidate your banking in one place and adjust your strategies to drive your business to success

Overcome the limitations of your spreadsheets

The automatic synchronisation and categorisation of your bank transactions saves you time and makes you more efficient

Avoid errors by having to update your data manually
Spend your time analysing information and strategically planning the future of your business

Stop making decisions based on static data
Act with up-to-date information and anticipate future cash flow tensions without waiting for accounting reports

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What do our customers say?

"Quipu allows me to predict the cash level in real time and make the best decisions for the company."

Jaume Campdepadrós

Badagres CFO

"I recommend it 100%. Thanks to the possibility of generating different scenarios, we have managed to improve our profitability."

Encarni Soler

S.A.P Administrative

"Being able to see several months ahead the available liquidity has been crucial to ensure the continuity of my business with peace of mind.”

Aida López

AK Studio Founder

Everything you need to manage your cash flow


Consolidate all your cash inflows and outflows on one platform

Magic forecast

Set your objectives/goals for the next 12 months automatically

Multiple scenarios

Simulate different scenarios, measure their impact and choose the best strategy

Bank synchronisation

Automatically reconcile all your bank transactions

Customised reports

Let our AI automatically classify all your operations

Transaction history

Analyse your cash flow history to build reliable forecasts

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The integrated solution to manage your business in one place

Invoice without complications

Centralise the administrative management of your business and forget about spreadsheets and paperwork.

Create and send your invoices and tickets effortlessly

Automatically digitise all your documents

Categorise your information and access it whenever you like

Know what you will pay in taxes

Instantly see what impact any income or expenditure will have on your settlement.

Autocomplete tax forms

Anticipates VAT and personal income tax to be settled

Collaborate with your manager in real time

Identify growth opportunities

Create pivot tables to understand where you are making or losing money.

Categorise your turnover by projects, products and sales channels.

Analyse the profitability of your business in real time

Make better decisions without waiting for accounting reports

Control all your receipts and payments

Connect your bank accounts and synchronise all your transactions instantly.

Reconcile your bank transactions automatically

Reduce the number of unpaid invoices

Automate the recording of your recurring receipts and payments

Deduct all your expenses

Thanks to the technology of our OCR reader you can automate the recording of all your expenses.

Process your expenses from anywhere

Your documents digitised and validated in less than 24h

Save on tax filing