Bank remittances

Reduce paperwork and number of transactions by collecting and paying your invoices in one single order

Learn how to generate bank remittances in one click

Learn how to generate bank remittances in one click

Secure the collection of your invoices

Avoids cash breakage

Generates SEPA mandates

Solves recurring payments and collections

With bank remittances you will be able to collect or pay your invoices in the same order and automatically.

Reduce the number of unpaid invoices

Save time, paperwork and formalities

Solves liquidity problems

SEPA Mandate

In order to collect money through bank remittances, the customer must give prior consent by signing a SEPA Mandate, authorizing the bank to withdraw money from his account.

This contract details the payment conditions and can be generated directly on the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a bank remittance?

A bank remittance is a file consisting of several invoices or receipts that you can deliver to the bank for automatic collection or payment of all the documents included in it.

What are the steps to collect or pay by remittance?

1. Select the invoices you want to collect or pay.
2.  Download the file generated by Quipu.
3. Upload it to your online banking to proceed to the automatic collection or payment of all the documents included.

For which businesses are bank remittances useful?

Collection remittances are a convenient solution for businesses that have regular customers who do not make purchases on a regular basis and do not always pay the same amount.

Payment remittances are very useful to pay your suppliers' invoices or your employees' payrolls in a single order.



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Take control of your income and expenses


Analyze your business profitability in real time

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Simplify the management of your collections and payments


Know what you will pay in taxes in real time

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