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Quipu certified Bookkeeper

If you also need a bookkeeper, we offer you the network of Quipu Certified Bookkeepers. We will help you find an office near you and an expert in your sector.

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Anual plan20€/month40€/month
Monthly plan25€/month50€/month
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Extra users5€/user5€/user
Automatic readingsUp to 200 per monthUp to 300 per month
Extra automatic readings (Pack of 50)10€10€
Bank synchronizationUp to 2 accountsUp to 5 accounts
Extra bank accounts2€/account2€/account
Bookkeeper ServiceFrom 50€From 150€
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Frequently asked questions

MinusCreated with Sketch.Who is Quipu for?

We have developed Quipu to make it easier the management of your business. Whether you are self-employed or a company, with our software you will be able to have greater control of your activity by receiving updated information about your expenses and income that allows you to comply with all tax obligations.

MinusCreated with Sketch.What does the 15-day free trial include?

During these days you will have full access to all the functions of our platform. In addition, we will guide you so you can discover everything in which our tool can help you.

MinusCreated with Sketch.Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. In addition, you can take all your information in Excel as well as any attached document so you don't lose anything.

MinusCreated with Sketch.Are my data safe in Quipu?

Yes, your data is the most important thing for us since the whole platform works thanks to them. That is why we follow a strict protocol to keep them safe.

MinusCreated with Sketch.Can I import and export my data from another software?

Yes, you can download and import all the information through Excel, so you don't have any problems. You can also use our expense and income reader to import your documents.

MinusCreated with Sketch.Why add a Quipu Certified Manager to my plan?

With this option, in addition to having access to all the functionalities of our tool, you will have at your disposal an expert advisor who will be in charge of performing your business management (taxes, accounting, expense analysis ... etc), as well as Give you personalized advice at an accounting and tax level so you can project your company. Again, the data will be yours and will remain in your account, but the advisor will have access to them to perform the relevant tasks. We also have an internal chat to facilitate communication.

MinusCreated with Sketch.Can I change my plan whenever I want?

Yes, you can change it whenever you want from the configuration section or contact us at [91 049 07 89](tel:+34910490789), and we will guide you through the process.

MinusCreated with Sketch.What will happen to my data if I cancel my subscription?

All data is stored only in your account, in this way, if one day you decide to leave us, your data will go with you.

I want more information

Contact our commercial department. They will inform you about the details of Quipu and our management service and will create a customized plan for your business.

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