Quipu for bookkeepers and business consultancy.

Automate administrative processes with Quipu achieving a more efficient use of time and thus expanding your customer base.

What does Quipu offer me as a tool?

auto processes

Automation of administrative and banking processes

Take advantage of Quipu's functionalities and save time on repetitive tasks.

Automatic reading of income and expenses

Upload invoices, tickets and receipts from your customers to the automatic reader of income and expenses and save yourself hours of chopping data by hand.

Synchronization and bank reconciliation

Keep your clients' accounts up to date and manage dozens of bank movements in record time thanks to the bank synchronization and self-conciliation functions of collection and payment remittances.

data in one platform

All your customers and their data in one place

Digitize with Quipu your client portfolio and collect all your data on the same platform.

Auto-filled data

Complete the profile of your clients and use it later with auto-filled functions.

Client management by messaging

Use the internal Quipu chat to communicate with your clients and ask them what you need to be able to carry out the relevant procedures.

Better advice

Visualize in a clear and simple way the fiscal and accounting data of your clients to be able to analyze them and offer them a personalized advice on your company.

quipu workflow

Quipu workflow

Follow our work method and learn to prioritize tasks to be always up to date.

Task prioritization system

Visualize the tasks in order of priority and receive alerts about upcoming maturities.

More actions in fewer steps

Modify, fill or verify information about your clients and their documentation from the same screen and save time in dozens of clicks.

The best bookkeepers already trust us

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Become a Quipu partner

Learn about our plan to become a partner and start working with Quipu clients using the tool and following our working method. Manage all your clients from one place and take advantage of your work time optimizing processes.

Certify your work

Obtain the Quipu certification after receiving our step by step training and receive our certificate "by Quipu".

Manage more clients

By becoming a Quipu partner, we will start sending you clients from our portfolio to manage them.

Make your office grow

Your work will be more efficient with Quipu and you will be able to manage more clients and, therefore, make your business grow.

I want more information

Contact our commercial department. They will inform you about the details of Quipu and our management service and will create a customized plan for your business.

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