OCR ticket and invoice reader

Digitize your receipts and invoices automatically

Forget about manually entering invoices and tickets

Forget about manually entering invoices and tickets

Automates repetitive tasks

Complies with tax regulations

Save on tax filing

Digitize your documents

With Quipu Reader you will automatically record all the mandatory data of invoices and tickets, such as, for example, the supplier's tax information, date, taxable base and withholdings, among others.

Technology, combined with our human validation, provides the highest data extraction reliability in the market.

In addition, the scanned documents are valid before the Tax Agency, as they are digitized according to tax regulations.

By not having to enter your invoice information by hand you will be able to:

Save manual labor hours

Avoid transcription errors

Stop worrying about lost tickets and invoices

Deduct all your expenses

Process your documents in three different ways

Duplicity detection

In case a document is uploaded more than once, the software has the ability to detect if a document has been previously processed and notifies about the possible duplicity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to digitize a document in Quipu?

1. Upload an image or PDF of the ticket or invoice to the program.
2. The technology analyzes the text areas and recognizes all the data.
3. Our team checks that the extracted data is correct.
4. Accept the registration of the document on the platform.

What does human validation consist of?

Our team manually verifies all data extracted by the technology to correct any possible errors.

How long does it take to digitize a document?

Our commitment is to manually review each processed document within 24 business hours.



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