Understand where your business wins and loses in real time

Learn how to take your business to the next level

Learn how to take your business to the next level

Real-time information

Detects growth opportunities

Improved decision making

Analyzing the profitability of your business has never been easier

Identify the most profitable areas of your business and those that require improvement through analysis by locations, products and departments.

Easily assign your invoices and contacts to categories or projects and monitor their performance for greater control and improved business management.

Get a clear and detailed view of your revenues and expenses with the analytical dashboard to uncover growth opportunities for your business.

Know which service, location or department generates the most benefits

Maximize the profitability of your projects

Make decisions without having to wait for accounting reports

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Quipu analytics displayed?

Monthly income, expenses and gross margin (income - expenses) are displayed in table format and broken down by the categories, projects and products configured.

Revenues and expenses that do not have any classification are added to the "uncategorized expenses" category so that they do not interfere with the analysis of the specified categories, but are taken into account for the overall analysis.

What happens when I assign a category or project to a contact?

When you create an income or expense associated to that contact, it will be automatically assigned to the configured categories or projects.

This way, you won't have to add categories and projects manually every time you create or receive an invoice.

How often is the Quipu analytics table updated?

The information displayed in the analytics table is automatically updated each time an income or expense is added to the program.



Manage your billing in one place

Revenues and expenses

Take control of your income and expenses

Quipu reader

Automatically record your receipts and invoices

Collections and payments

Simplify the management of your collections and payments


Know what you will pay in taxes in real time

Clients & Suppliers

All your customers and suppliers in order