Bank reconciliation

Automatically associates your business' bank transactions to the corresponding invoices

Learn how to automatically reconcile with Quipu

Learn how to automatically reconcile with Quipu

Synchronize bank accounts

Know the status of your business

Complies with tax regulations

The status of your invoices always up to date

Justify each bank movement of your business by automatically associating it to the corresponding invoices, tickets or other documents.

Complies with the requirements of the Tax Agency

Detects and fixes errors in bank transactions

Real-time control of your business' financial resources

Connect your banks

Synchronize your bank accounts in Quipu so that the movements are associated instantly and in real time with your invoices issued and received.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bank reconciliation mandatory?

The bank reconciliation must be performed by all capital companies, regardless of the type of company involved, in order to comply with the obligations of the Tax Agency and to file the annual accounts and taxes correctly.

However, it is not mandatory in the case of the self-employed, since most of them do not have to submit annual accounts. In any case, it is highly recommended for these professionals, since it allows to detect and solve discrepancies between invoicing and bank movements.

How to reconcile bank transactions in Quipu?

In Quipu, bank transactions can be reconciled automatically or manually.

The software suggests reconciliations by analyzing the similarities between movements and invoices or tickets, such as amount, concept or invoice number. You will only have to accept the proposed reconciliation to register it.

1. Select the bank movement you wish to reconcile.
2. Identify and select the invoice or ticket that corresponds to it.
3. Accept the conciliation.

How many bank accounts can I connect?

The number of bank accounts you can synchronize in Quipu depends on the plan you are subscribed to.

The Solution plan includes 3 bank accounts and the Business plan includes up to 10 accounts.

However, there is an option to add more accounts to these plans for an extra €2/account.



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Analyze your business profitability in real time

Collections and payments

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Know what you will pay in taxes in real time

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