Tax models

Your taxes filled in with just one click, review and submit them to the Tax Agency.

Learn how Quipu calculates taxes for you

Learn how Quipu calculates taxes for you

According to tax regulations

Simple and fast

Your taxes on time

Automatically complete your tax forms

By entering all the income and expenses of your business in Quipu and completing the tax configuration of the business. The forms are generated in the format required by the Tax Agency, ready to download and deliver.

Eliminate human error and avoid penalties with the tax authorities

Effortlessly deliver taxes on time

Stop worrying about regulatory changes

Know what you will pay in taxes

Each income or expense you add to Quipu will allow you to know in real time what impact it will have on your quarter-end filing, and you will know at all times the amount of VAT and Personal Income Tax to be paid.

You will have greater control over your available cash and will be able to ensure that you have enough liquidity to pay the corresponding taxes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which models does Quipu automatically fill in?

Form 303 - Monthly and quarterly VAT
Form 349 - Monthly and quarterly intracommunity transactions, quarterly and annual
Form 130 - Quarterly personal income tax
Form 115 - Monthly and quarterly declaration of withholdings for real estate capital
Form 180 - Quarterly withholdings and payments on account for rentals of urban real estate
Form 190 - Annual withholdings and payments on account for workers and professionals
Form 390 - Annual VAT
Form 111 - Monthly and quarterly withholdings and payments on account for IRPFM
Form 347 - Annual declaration of transactions with third parties

What are the steps to download a tax form?

1. Upload your income and expenses to the program.
2. Select the tax form you want and click on fill it in.
3. Review the data and download it ready to file.

Can I connect a consultant to my account?

Yes, you can give access to your advisor or manager by creating an extra user and assigning the permissions and roles you prefer. You can consult in more detail in this link.

If you do not yet have an advisor or if you want to work with one of Quipu's +500 certified advisors, you can consult the following link.



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Know what you will pay in taxes in real time

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