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Know the status of collections and payments per contact

Visualize your sales process clearly

Keep track of your maturities at a glance

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More than 10 years accompanying the growth of our customers

Centralized information

Know at all times the billing history, fiscal and bank data, associated invoices and unpaid invoices.

Quickly identify who owes you money and to whom you have outstanding payments

Easily import all your previous contacts in an automated way

Control the sales process

Visualize every step of your contacts' billing process from a single dashboard

Tracking your activity

Approves quotations and generates orders, delivery notes or invoices automatically

Accessible and up to date

Know at all times the invoicing and its status by contact.

Send invoices, quotes or payment reminders from the App

Invoice up to 3X faster by autocompleting tax information, language, payment method and other fields per contact

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What do our customers say?

"Since using Quipu I am in control of my business, I invoice and send documents to my customers very quickly."

Javier Segura

RoninTalent Co-founder

"We have been using Quipu for 5 years now and we are very happy: intuitive interface and easy billing management."

Raquel Vidal

Seo in house CEO

"The entire data migration has been quick and easy with the help of the technical support, either via phone calls or chat.

Jan Navalls

Brava Towels Founder


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Revenues and expenses

Take control of your income and expenses


Manage your billing in one place


Control your business cash flow automatically

Collections and payments

Simplify the management of your collections and payments


Know what you will pay in taxes in real time

Quipu reader

Automatically record your receipts and invoices