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Add a certified bookkeeper to your plan and do not worry.

Receive personalized tax-accounting advice for your business and let your bookeeper take care of everything.

What they say about us

At Quipu we work hard every day to improve our product and so our customers have a good experience and enjoy the best service. We believe that when the work is done with love and dedication, you notice that. This is what some of our clients say about us.

What does it mean to have a certified bookkeeper?

In addition to having the most innovative and efficient technology to automate administrative processes, from Quipu we provide a personalized service of management and advice for our clients.

We work with the best experts

All the bookkeepers that manage our clients through Quipu have gone through an exhaustive process of selection and training to get to know the tool in depth and offer the best experience to our users.

Your data is yours

Your bookkeeper will have access to your data and those of your company to be able to carry out managements. But unlike the old management model, the data will be in your account, and if someday you decide to leave Quipu, they will go with you.

Guaranteed service quality

Thanks to the work system created by Quipu for the bookkeepers, they follow a series of steps and guidelines to prioritize tasks and keep work up to date. We also offer technical support in case of any problem.

What functions does it handle?

All businesses need to be managed and comply with their tax obligations. Add a Quipu manager to your plan and let him take care of everything.

Accounting and closures

Let your certified manager take care of keeping the accounts up-to-date, typifying and analyzing the revenues and expenses, detecting and fixing accounting errors, etc.

Presentation of taxes

Your bookkeeper will be responsible for filling in the tax models that apply to your company and for the subsequent presentation of taxes correctly and on time to the Treasury.

Balances and annual reports

Part of the tax obligations of a company, is presenting the accounts on a quarterly and annual basis. Your bookkeeper will be responsible for this task, in addition to taking the balance sheet.

Personalized consulting

Receive administrative, accounting and tax personalized advices about your company to make better decisions and grow your business.

Are my data safe with Quipu?

At Quipu, the security of our customers' data comes first. That is why we have a high level of security and a strict Privacy Policy.

I want more information

Contact our commercial department. They will inform you about the details of Quipu and our management service and will create a customized plan for your business.

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