how was quipu born

¿How was Quipu Born?

Quipu was born inside itnig's ecosystem, a well-known startup accelerator in the neighbourhood of Poblenou in Barcelona, just in the centre of 22@ digital district, a top technological cluster in Europe. Within the incubator space, we are surrounded by other startups. We share experiences and our day to day with them. We also cooperate between us and improve a lot together. Everything, under the permanent supportive help from itnig's people which help us improve our internal processes.

events and seminars

Events, seminars and other activities for entrepreneurs

Inside our offices we organize events, seminars, activities and talks about several topics of interest (technology, business, design, marketing and others). If you are interested, everyone is invited to come enjoy them with a nice La Brava beer in their hand.

itnig startup ecosystem

Itnig Startup Ecosystem

itnig is an Internet business accelerator that takes part in the business and product development process, as well as project growth through their network of mentors. itnig helps in the market reachibility strategy, and also in marketing, product development, technology design, talent hunting and access to their finantial network.

our values

The values ​​that surround us; Cooperation, learning and work.

The values inside itnig ecosystem are based in the collaboration and cooperation between companies, and the common learning that takes places from this young, dynamic and innovative environment. The multidisciplinary atmosphere allows personal and professional growth to everyone taking part inside itnig's ecosystem.

I want more information

Contact our commercial department. They will inform you about the details of Quipu and our management service and will create a customized plan for your business.

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