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Integration with Contasol

Integration with the accountant programme Contasol

Integration with Sage

Integration with the accountant programme Sage


May of 2018

Prestashop Module

Integration of Quipu with the version of Prestashop 1.7

January of 2018

Mobile 2.1

New mobile version that includes more functionalities

December of 2017

Various accounting categories per invoice

Add several accounting categories per invoice

November of 2017

Bookkeepper directory

Bookkeeper search by city

October of 2017

New Mobile App

The new version allows to send tickets to the automatic scan reader from your smartphone

September of 2017


Tools and academic resources for professionals and enterprises

July of 2017

EBP Integration

Complete integration with the EBP accounting software

June of 2017

Automatic expenses scanning

Upload and send your expenses in the Expenses Inbox and your invoices and tickets are processed automatically

May of 2017

FAQ redesign

We build a brand new FAQ: now it's easier to discover us

April of 2017

Bulk Actions

Do bulk actions on each list

February of 2017

Plugin Magento

Quipu now is integrated with Magento

February of 2017

Expense sheet

Manage the expenses sheets of your employees

December of 2016

Online Payment Link

Your invoices can contain an online payment button so that your customers will be able to pay using it

October of 2016


Issue and manage invoice with the Canary Island indirect tax, the IGIC

October of 2016

Concept's description

Add a detailed description of the invoice and estimate's concept

August of 2016

Preset Notes and Invoices

Preset the notes and the fields you want to include in an invoice

July of 2016

Inbox expenses

You can send your invoices from your mail to Quipu directly

June of 2016

Bank Feed

Sync Quipu in real time with any Spanish Banc

June of 2016

Prestashop Module

Quipu now is integrated with Prestashop

June of 2016

Woocommerce Plugin

Quipu now is integrated with WooCommerce

May of 2016

Autocomplete via VAT-ID

If you put a VAT-ID we autofill automatically the rest of the data

April of 2016

Send via Quipu

Send your invoices directly to your client Quipu's account

April of 2016


Connect your e-commerce, SaaS or marketplace and exchange data with Quipu

March of 2016

Batch Payments

You can create batch payments files to bundle multiple bills together into one transaction for payment

February of 2016

Invite your bookkeeper

You can now easily invite your bookkeeper

February of 2016

Recurring invoices

You can set your recurring income and expense invoices

February of 2016

Banco Sabadell Bank Feed

Bank Feed for Banc Sabadell: import your bank movements in Quipu automatically

January of 2016

Purchase orders

You can create purchase orders ready to be signed

December of 2015

Predefined products

You can pre-set and manage products, services and pricing

October of 2015


You can manage payroll in Quipu

September of 2015

QuipuPro communication

Now bookkeepers and their clients are connected through QuipuPro communication feature

August of 2015

Quipu in French

mon Dieu: you can now enjoy Quipu in French

July of 2015

Equivalence surcharge

Quipu for those who are you the equivalence surcharge regime

June of 2015

Partial payments

Now you can mark as partially paid

June of 2015


The new banks version that allows to do bank reconciliation automatically

May of 2015

Integration with A3 (.dat)

A3 (Wolters Kluwer) integration through Suenlace.dat

May of 2015

Accounting for associations

Quipu automatize the double-entry accounting for associations

April of 2015

Partial deduction

You can deduct partially both the VAT and your expenses

April of 2015

VAT exempt

Quipu is ready for those who are VAT exempt

March of 2015


Quipu automatize the double-entry accounting

December of 2014

Annual taxes

The 390, 347, 180 and 190 annual tax form (Just in Spain)

November of 2014

Launch Quipu2

Launch of the second version of Quipu (Quipu Kandinsky): Let's go!

September of 2014


You can set discounts on your Quipu invoices

June of 2014


See the history of your invoice and control every detail

May of 2014

Turn invoices to tickets

Turn your invoices to tickets and vice versa with a single click

April of 2014

Integrations with accounting softwares

A3 (Wolters Kluwer) integration and other accounting softwares through Excel

April of 2014

Documental management

QuipuBox: Quipu's documental management

March of 2014

Quarterly taxes

The 130, 111 and 115 quarterly tax form (Just in Spain)

March of 2014

Invoicing series

Now you can use different invoicing series

February of 2014

Quipu for bookkeepers

QuipuPro: Quipu for bookkeepers and their clients' management

January of 2014

Duplicate invoices

Create a new invoice from an existing one and save time

January of 2014


You can create reimbursements in Quipu

January of 2014

Analytical categories

Categorize incomes and expenses as you wish and control your business

December of 2013

303 VAT tax model

The 303 VAT quarterly tax form (Just in Spain)

November of 2013

User's roles

Three roles: administrator, supervisor and collaborator for a better work flow

October of 2013


The Ticket Hunter: the mobile app to upload tickets from your smartphone

September of 2013

Attach documents

You can attach documents to your invoices

September of 2013

Estimates and proformas

You can do estimates and Proforma invoices

August of 2013


You can have and send invoices in Catalan, Spanish and English

August of 2013


You can tag incomes and expenses' invoices

July of 2013

Launch Quipu1

Public launch of the first Quipu version (Quipu Mondrian): welcome!

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