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our Mission and Vision

At Quipu, we want to make an impact on the economy by simplifying the administrative management of businesses.

Our solution is designed for freelancers, SMEs and bookkeepers, to improve efficiency in the management of their activity, taking care of the daily and mandatory tasks of invoicing and accounting.

That is why we have developed a simple and intuitive platform to automate invoicing processes and, at the same time, provide access to real-time information on business profitability.

Meet our team

Roger Dobaño
Chief Executive Officer
Albert Bellonch
Distinguished Engineer
Miriam Bayona
Chief Technology Officer
Victoria Carmona
VP Sales
Guillem Moreso
Chief Marketing Officer
Mónica Balcells
Ana de Fortuny
Head of Partners
Bárbara Córdoba
Product Owner
Matías De Pascali
Head of Administration
Laura Guerrero
Head of Support
Marius Tamas
Product Manager
Ana Lucia Takahama
Sales Executive
Pau Puerto
Growth Hacker
Michelle Florez
Sales Executive
Diego Lozada
Customer Support
Júlia Lucha
Video Editor
Ángel Nieto
Ruby on Rails Developer
Andrea Gamero
Sales Executive
Toni Bada
Sales Executive
Andrea Castro
Customer Support
Brian Burbano
Sales Lead Generator
Favio Fernández
Head of SDR
Enrique Quiroga
SEO Specialist
Arun Shanmughan
Backend Engineer
Ruben Folhento
Frontend Developer
Carles Cordón
Brenda Moreno
Sales Support Specialist
Andrea López
Marketing Junior
Lucila Calderón
Team Leader
Lucía Viana
Partner Expert
Raul Pérez
Accounting Manager
Leslie Moreno
Sales Executive
Ronny Gómez
Pilar Fiocca
Account Manager
Cristina Fasano
Aleh Shapo
Backend Engineer
Product Marketing
Alex Crump
Frontend Developer
Adrien Ravet
Lead Generator
Loucas Papaloucas
QA Intern
Olivia Puentes
Lead Generator
Sergio Respau
Developer Junior
Joseiris Alexandra
Sales Inbound
Nadia Fernández
Donika Arana
Rafa Ruas
QA Intern
Lluna Belarre
Belén Rinaudo
Customer Success
Valeria Espinosa
Customer Success
Juan Singer
Customer Success
Erika Pereira
Gaia Milazzo
Hugo Cremers
QA Intern
Maria Masip
Marketing Intern
Joaquín Fernández
Ana Moset
Claudia González
Carla Jurado
Susana Trocoli
Customer Success
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At Quipu you can breathe a startup atmosphere: young, awake, informal and in constant movement.
If you are looking to grow professionally and work at ease in a cool office, this is the place for you.