Meet the team

Meet the team

We are a team based in Barcelona. We work on product development, and bringing it out to the world. We will be really pleased to meet you.
Roger Dobaño, VP of Partners  at Quipu
Roger Dobaño

VP of Partners

Albert Bellonch, VP of Technology at Quipu
Albert Bellonch

VP of Technology

Enric Lluelles, CTO at Quipu
Enric Lluelles


Oriol Blanc, Chief Product Officer at Quipu
Oriol Blanc

Chief Product Officer

Pau Fernández, CFO at Quipu
Pau Fernández


Nitya Fajardo, Sales Manager at Quipu
Nitya Fajardo

Sales Manager

Judith Aguirrezabal, Marketing Executive at Quipu
Judith Aguirrezabal

Marketing Executive

Ana de Fortuny, Partners' Account Manager at Quipu
Ana de Fortuny

Partners' Account Manager

Rafael González, Partners' Success Expert at Quipu
Rafael González

Partners' Success Expert

Guillem Molina, Partners' Success Expert at Quipu
Guillem Molina

Partners' Success Expert

Bárbara Córdoba, Onboarding Queen at Quipu
Bárbara Córdoba

Onboarding Queen

Ana Álvarez, Partners' Account Manager at Quipu
Ana Álvarez

Partners' Account Manager

Marcos Medina, Product Designer at Quipu
Marcos Medina

Product Designer

Nadia Cantizano, Product Designer at Quipu
Nadia Cantizano

Product Designer

Carles Pagès, Frontend Developer at Quipu
Carles Pagès

Frontend Developer

Bettina Gross, Human Resources at Quipu
Bettina Gross

Human Resources

Jorge Peris, Developer at Quipu
Jorge Peris


Raul Pérez, Accounting Manager at Quipu
Raul Pérez

Accounting Manager

Sebastián, Developer at Quipu


Meritxell Viladomat, Office Manager at Quipu
Meritxell Viladomat

Office Manager

Marc Torrelles, Frontend Developer at Quipu
Marc Torrelles

Frontend Developer

María Solá, Product Designer at Quipu
María Solá

Product Designer

Guillem San Nicolás, Full Stack Developer at Quipu
Guillem San Nicolás

Full Stack Developer

Diego Vallejo, Sales Development Representative at Quipu
Diego Vallejo

Sales Development Representative

Estelle Evrard, Human Resources at Quipu
Estelle Evrard

Human Resources

Alex Bretones, Frontend Developer at Quipu
Alex Bretones

Frontend Developer

Toni Rubio, Growth Marketer at Quipu
Toni Rubio

Growth Marketer

Juan Hermida, Sales Development Representative at Quipu
Juan Hermida

Sales Development Representative

Berta Álvarez, Administrative at Quipu
Berta Álvarez


Dan Kragt, Chief Executive Officer at Quipu
Dan Kragt

Chief Executive Officer

Pau Nicolás, Partners' Account Manager at Quipu
Pau Nicolás

Partners' Account Manager

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